Customer Information


Barker Ornaments is the leader in custom designed wooden ornaments.  Please browse through our samples of previous projects with Schools, churches, historic buildings, team mascots, special events, and business emblems.  Our ornaments are frequently used for fundraising efforts, to market businesses, to recognize a historic occasion, or to celebrate a special event.  Historic societies usually work with us over a period of years, depending on their fundraising plans, to create a series of ornaments of the most recognized historical buildings in their communities. Whether you are a large business, or a small sport’s team, Barker Ornaments is committed to making an attractive quality ornament to ensure the success of your project.


Barker custom designed ornaments are reproduced on one eighth inch thick Baltic birch laminated wood. Using the color photographs or line drawings submitted by the customer, artist and owner Ralph Barker adds the details necessary to make the ornament stand out. He has handcrafted tens of thousands of custom ornaments, with many satisfied customers, and will often choose to paint telephone poles or tree branches out of the picture so that the building becomes the focal point. For a holiday mood, he often adds wreaths  and glitter snow into the artwork. Each order is designed to meet the unique needs of the customer placing the order. Customers must also select the type of ornament, strings for hanging on Christmas trees or magnets for year-round display. Ornament size varies widely due the unique proportions of the buildings or logos submitted.  However, the average ornament size is about 6 inches by 4 inches. During the design process, each custom wooden ornament will be processed through 18 hand crafted steps. When that process is complete, each ornament will be labeled, hand dated, signed with the traditional Barker “B”, and individually packaged.