Ordering Information

If you are considering a Custom Ornament Project, please take a moment to look through a few of the sample ornaments we have designed for our customers. You will notice that each ornament has been uniquely created. The angle, detail, and color are largely established by the quality of the photograph or drawing that is submitted by the customer. Holiday details and certain other architectural details are hand painted into the picture by artist, Ralph Barker. These details vary widely from project to project, depending on the preference of the customer. You will likely find a sample that is similar in nature to the project you are considering. As you browse our samples, we hope you find it easy to envision a beautiful custom designed Barker Ornament to celebrate your special event.


creating a NEW Ornament design


To begin a new project with Barker Ornaments, new customers must email a high quality, shadow free, color photographs or detailed line drawings so that a sample ornament can be designed. Photos should be submitted by email to barkorn99@aol.com and must be photographed with high resolution cameras.  We recommend that photographs of buildings be taken in the early morning or evening hours to minimize shadows. The largest size available should be submitted so that fine details such as architectural features can be accurately reproduced. It is also important to take photographs of the exact angle desired for the finished ornament design.  If historical pictures are available, those can also be sent. A set up fee of $35.00 is charged for the sample custom ornament to be created. Customer are required to approve the sample design before an order is sent to production. 


If you have additional questions, or would like to discuss any creative ideas about your project, please contact us directly at (513) 523-3738.



reordering a custom ornament


No set up fee is charged for reordering a previously project.