Collector's Ornament List

1953 1954 1956

Candy Cane

Train Engine

Raggedy Ann and Andy


Girl Swinging in Felt Skirt

Angel Holding Flower

Cherub on Candy Cane

Kitten in Mitten- Wood

Bird House- Round

Drummer Boy on Drum

Bird Cage with Gold Ribbon

Angel on Balance Scales

Felt Sox with Toys

Child with Candle- Green

1957 1958 1959

Set of 3 Pigs

Set of 3 Kittens


Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Jack in the Box

Gingerbread Boy

Soldier in Fur Hat

Puss in Boots

Lady Bug

Little Miss Muffet

Little Boy Blue

Angel with Hard

Choir Children and Organ

Sleeping Angel

Angel in Glass Window

Holy Family with Tree

3 Blind Mice on Sled

1960 1961 1962

4 Car Train

Large Choir Boy and Girl

Hobby Horse with Child

Jack in the Box Santa

Church with Glass Window

Hickory Dickory Dock

Manger Scene

Hansel and Gretel

Angel on Candy Cane

Candle with Baby Jesus

White Angel in Glass Window

1963 1964 1965

Clown with Balloons

Candle with Gold Trim

Santa Face

Elephant with Polka Dots

Partridge in a Pear Tree #1

Set of 3 Bears


Elephant in Circus Train



Triangle Santa

Large Choir Girl

1966 1967 1968

Bird House - Square

Clown Head with Daisy

Humpty Dumpty

Holy Family with Jesus Cradle

Jack in the Bean Stalk #1

Rub a Dub Dub


Red Riding Hood

1969 1970 1971

Mouse House

Mother Goose

Old Woman in the Shoe

Drummer Boy

Partridge in a Pear Tree #2
1972 1973 1974

Deer Head with Wreath

Miss Mouse


3 Bears

Jack in the Bean Stalk- Wood

Holy Family

Santa on a Sled

Mickey Mouse

Pooh and Piglet with Balloons



Owl and Pussycat

Santa's Elf with Hammer

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman

Peter Pumpkin Eater

Night Before Christmas Cradle with Child

Jack Be Nimble

Clown with Balloon

1975 1976 1977

Fur Bear in Swing

Mother Hubbard

Tiny Tim #1

Bicentennial Drum


Colonial Drummer Boy

Rocking Horse

Cowardly Lion

Tin Woodsman

Bunny on Ice Skates


Betsy Ross

1978 1979 1980

Ann and Andy on a Swing

Dorothy and Toto #1

Gold Finch

Santa in a Chimney

Horse on Wheels

Ann and Andy on a Bike


Toy Store and Children

Peace Dove on Glass

Minnie Mouse

Jack and Jill

Elephant on Wheels


1981 1982 1983

Children in Sleigh

Mary with a Lamb

Country and City Mouse

Blue Bird

Gingerbread House #1

Canada Goose

Orphan Annie

Lamb with White Fur

Santa in Balloon

Children in Window Watching Birds

Baby Seal

Tufted Titmouse

Sun Bonnet Baby with Doll

White Rabbit

1984 1985 1986

Father Christmas


Boy Carrying Packages

Holy Family- Wood

Panda Bear


Dorothy #2

Peace on Earth Lion and Lamb

Snow Goose

Toy Lamb on Wheels

Humpty Dumpty #2

1987 1988 1989

Little Girl with Snowflake

Christmas Penguin

Three Wise Men

Bear in Sox

Mini Raggety Ann

Angel with Halo

Child Hugging Bear

Train Engine


12 Days of Christmas

St. Lucia

Pooh with Wreath


Duck with Toy on Wheels

Girl Making Snowman

1990 1991 1992

Piglet Trimming Tree


Cow Jumping Over the Mood

Child Holding Cardinal


Mini Gingerbread Boy

Praying Child by Bed

3 Pigs in a House

Big Bag Wolf

Boy Angel

Nut Hatch

Mini Panda

Bob Cratchet and Tiny Tim

Little Bo Peep

Koala on Candy Cane

Girl in White Fur with Tree

Mini Elephant on Wheels

1993 1994 1995

Girl Pushing Baby Carriage

Country Christmas Home

Jesus the Boy with the Lamb

Marching Soldier

Polar Bears

Goose Boy

Choir Children

Child Reading

Mini Triangle Santa


Amish Girl with Lamb

Girl Sledding with Bear

Christmas Bunny


1996 1997 1998

Waiting for Santa

Ann on a Swing

Rocking Horse Boy

Mini Ginger Girl

Gift Bears

Snow Angel

St. Nicholas

Snow Bears

Bell Girl

Child with Birds

Mini Dove

1999 2000 2001

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Present for Grandma

Girl Reading to Raggedy Ann

Cookie Girl Made with Love

Mini Bell Girl

Wish Upon a Star

Toy Rabbit

Victorian Stocking

Christmas Swan

Mini Window

Christmas Turtle

Bird Feeder

2001 Girl


Angel Tree Topper

Mini USA Ribbon

2002 2003 2004

Christmas Block

Bear on a Sled

Little Angel

100th Teddy Bear

Mini Block

Raggedy Ann Wreath

Country Church

Sheep Head

Best Friends

Peter Rabbit

Ohio Bicentennial

Mini Wreath

Amish Girl


Boy and Boat

Mo's Exciting Winter Book

Mini Ginger House

2005 2006 2007

Grandma's Doll

Bear on Wreath

Puppy Present

Early Santa

Mo's Gift

Mo and Gertie at the Zoo

Mini Bear Wreath

Circus Elephant 

Three Wise Men

Mrs. Cratchet

Downey Woodpecker

Mini Puppy in a Box

12 Days of Christmas Mantle Piece

Candy Cane Elf

Polar Bear Boy

Christmas Eve

Bear with Raggedy Ann

Mini Pear Tree

2008 2009 2010

Apple and Friend


Horse and Sleigh

Marjorie Brown Barker Memorial Ornament

Mini Penguin

Snow Fairy

Christmas Moose

Barker Brown Cow

Fresh Cut Tree

Mini Snow Fairy

Eskimo Doll


Jake on a Sled

Santa's Workshop

Mini Eskimo Doll

Santa's Workshop Table Top Piece

2011 2012 2013

Baby Jesus

Boy in Sledding Saucer

Gingerbread Saucer

Gingerbread House

Raggedy Ann and Snowman

Mini Snow Angel

Special Delivery Truck

Russian Nesting Dolls


Christmas Frog

Mini Star Santa

60th Anniversary Raggedy Ann

60th Anniversary Raggedy Andy


Hippo for Christmas

Maggie on a Sled

Mini Hippo

2014 2015 2016

The Good Witch

Jolly Santa


Baby Seal

Mini Baby Seal

Star Santa Tree Topper

Princess with Frog

Candy Kid

Yuletide Yeti


Mini Humpty Dumpty


Wise Man

Christmas Owl


Mini Christmas Owl

2017 2018

Shepherd Boy



Girl Elf

Mini Dinosaur


Wicked Witch

Coal Car

Mini Jolly Santa