The History of Barker Ornaments

Founder Marjorie Brown Barker first began making handcrafted wooden Christmas ornaments in 1953 for her son's first Christmas tree. Her friends found the clever nursery rhyme and animal themed ornaments adorable and asked Marjorie to make them for their children's trees. What Marjorie described as a "corner of the kitchen craft" very quickly turned into a growing bushiness. Soon large orders were being received from across the country and, in partnership with her husband Charles Barker, the business flourished.

Today, their son Ralph Barker, who joined the business in 1972, lives in the farmhouse of the historic Brown Homestead, which has been passed down for generations through his mother's family. The Barker Ornament workshop is located in a remodeled area of the original dairy barn with a staff of talented artists. Each ornament is hand cut and hand painted. During the 63 years of  business, more than 300 individual designs have been created.

Barker Ornaments is proud to say that our ornaments hang on Christmas trees around the world, establishing traditions and creating cherished memories each holiday season. We hope that our handcrafted ornaments will bring you enjoyment and lasting Christmas memories for your family and friends.