100 Custom Ornaments

Your organization can create memorable Christmas tree ornaments. Orders are produced in 100 ornament increments. These custom designed ornaments can be sold as fundraising items for projects, be given in recognition of special events, or decorate a wedding reception table. 

The custom ornaments are produced on one eighth inch thick Baltic birch laminated wood. Artist Ralph Barker will hand paint the sample design, enhancing architectural details, repairing flaws and removing unwanted telephone poles or other items. When requested, details such as wreaths and glitter snow are hand painted into the artwork to set a holiday mood. 

Customers will need to submit high photographs or drawings for the creation of a sample ornament. It is important to take photographs of the exact angle desired for the finished ornament design. 

Please place order here and submit photographs, drawings or digital prints to Barker Ornaments at barkorn99@aol.com

A sample of each custom ornament will be created for approval before production is started. Once the design is approved, please allow 5-7 working days for production. 

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